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3 Secrets of Millionaires – Small Business Handbook is a Shocking Case Study:  2 Families…30 Yrs…Dramatically Different Results.

COMPOUND INTEREST has been called “The 8th Wonder of The World”, yet 90% of us do not understand it.

I’m really excited to share this 3 Secrets of Millionaires eBook.

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This book was written for entrepreneurs, but it is really for anyone who wants to get ahead financially.  I will talk about why absolutely everyone should be in business for themselves, even if your business is just a little side dealy.  Then, I will help you to make sure that your business correctly.

Next, I will share a simple to follow system for aggressively attacking your excess debt, because you will want to be on the correct side of compounding interest.  Otherwise you are handing that power over to the selfish banks and mortgage companies.  If you implement this, you’ll get to keep more of your income, take advantage of all kinds of tax write offs.  Pay your taxes, but don’t overpay your taxes.  I want to show you a few tricks for building a HUGE nest egg to retire with and plug into the power of COMPOUND INTEREST.  Just by paying taxes as a business, instead of as a person, you can save almost four times as much before tax income every year, setting up a Simple Employee Pension (SEP), instead of using the typical IRA, that most people use.  It is almost not even fair how many more breaks business get to take advantage of, when compared to the breaks offered to regular employed people.  And, that is about it.  I have tried to keep everything simple and get straight to the point.

Why I Decided To Write 3 Secrets of Millionaires

Here is why I decide to share these secrets (I call them secrets, because 99% of the people I talk to are not doing them) and write 3 Secrets of Millionaires.  I actually learned this stuff, because the first year we started to make a lot of money in our own business, we were told by our accountant that we owed over $100,000 in taxes.  What?  I know.  That is what we said.  Luckily, a great friend and business associate showed me how to structure my business and it’s income as a Nevada Corporation, where there is no corporate income tax and no personal income tax.

Here is the nutshell.  The IRS favors businesses over people.  They allow businesses to write-off almost everything they’ve spent money on through the year, at tax time.  But, they limit so many things that normal W-2 employees can categorize as expenses.  It’s almost not fair.  If you pay taxes as a business, and can prove that money you spent during the year had something to do with helping you make money in your business, there is a good chance that you can subtract it from the gross income amount and not have to pay taxes on that money you spent.  Also, if you pay your taxes as a business, you can invest up to $50,000 per year before taxes, to build your savings and retirement nest egg.  This compares to $4,000 a couple filing jointly can invest before they have to start paying taxes on the money they put aside for savings and retirement.  Click here for the IRS description.  You will see on Page 3, that the maximum annual contribution for a self employed person is the smaller of $50,000 or 25% of income.  In the book, I will also share a proven stock option investing plan that shoots for 36% annual returns.  Wait until you see how HUGE your retirement account can be if 1) you can invest a lot more money each year, tax free and 2) your earn and compound growth at the speed of 36%.  The Rule of 72 tells us that if our investment is compounding at 10% per year, our money will double every 7.2 years.  At 36%, our money will double every 2 years.  I will dive in deeper in the book.

My wife Jeanette is my business partner.  Do you know how many times we go out to a nice restaurant to enjoy each other’s company and strategize and brainstorm about the things we can to do to better market and grow our businesses?  The answer is a lot.  Guess what?  That means that we can add up those checks and erase them from our gross income at the end of the year, before we pay our taxes.  We could not do that when we both had jobs, so we hardly went out to dinner…couldn’t justify spending the money.  Now, we would rather treat ourselves to a nice dinner meeting or maybe take a few friends (prospective customers) out for a meal, then give it to the IRS.  This also applies to many of the trips we have taken and just so many different things that are legal tax write-offs for us, that most people have to pay taxes on, so they avoid doing them.

So, I am not going to go into it too deep here and I am not a certified accountant, so I’m not qualified to offer tax advice to you, but think about all the things that help your business that you can legally categorize as business expenses and figure out for yourself just how much more of your income you could enjoy if you paid taxes as a business (it does not have to be as a Nevada Corporation, by the way) instead of paying taxes as a person.  This book will explain a lot of this stuff and show you what some of your options are.

When I started to realize how the tax laws favor businesses over people, it got me thinking about what I should be doing with the extra money I was making, to keep more of.  Another good friend sat down with me and really taught me the power of COMPOUNDING INTEREST and the Rule of 72 (How Money Doubles), around that time.  That conversation simply knocked me right off my chair and kept me awake for nights on end.  And, it made Jeanette and me realize how much money we were pissing away by making our mortgage company (we had a traditional 30 year mortgage), the credit card companies (we were paying a ton in interest every year on 4 or 5 credit cards) and our banks ‘STINKING RICH!’  We were actually giving them our money, the hard-earned money that could and should be making us rich.  Everyone who wants to get ahead, should have a very clear understanding of the power of COMPOUNDING INTEREST and the Rule of 72.  So, I also want to show you a really simple plan you can use to become totally debt free in one half or even one third the amount of time, without really changing your lifestyle.

My business success has come from being mentored and learning from some of the top online and offline marketers.  So, I will also share some killer marketing strategies for self employed people to super-charge the way they promote and market their businesses.

I will do this by sharing a 30 year case study that follows 2 families.  The first family does not follow these strategies (like most families) and the second family does.

30 Year Case Study Details:

Meet the Normal family and the Wiser family.  Both begin our journey  $315,342.00 in debt.

The Normal family handles their debt, savings, taxes and overall finances exactly like 96% of North American families.  They will hand over the power of their money and COMPOUND INTEREST to their bank, credit card and mortgage companies.  They will eventually get out of debt, but never really capitalize on the doubling effect of their money, COMPOUNDING INTEREST and the Rule of 72.  They will have handed this power over to their banks, credit card companies and mortgage company.

The Wisers follow the recommendations outlined in 3 Secrets of Millionaires.  They will become totally debt free almost 14 years sooner and experience the power of their money over time, by moving over to the right side of COMPOUND INTEREST faster.  Their bank, credit card and mortgage companies will really miss them.  They will also pay much less in taxes, get to spend and save more of their money before taxes and earn higher returns on their retirement savings.  Because of these factors, the Wisers will be worth multiple millions of dollars at the end of 30 years.

In 3 Secrets of Millionaires, I want to help you to stop making your banks, the IRS and your mortgage company rich and get your money on the correct side of COMPOUNDING INTEREST.  This book can help clear some things up for you and give you a gameplan and checklist, to make sure you are not pissing away your wealth creation cash, by over paying your taxes and passing up tons of legal tax write-offs.

’3 Secrets of Millionaires’ is a Powerful eBook You Can Finish in One Sitting and You’ll Learn:
  • How a really easy to use $60 piece of software can eliminate all your debt in almost ½ the time so you can invest that money and create life changing wealth.  Not only will you save tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands in excess interest charges, but you’ll also be able to calculate and pinpoint the exact date your family will become totally debt free.  Being debt free faster will give you thousands of dollars each month to invest towards your nest egg that you no longer have to send to your bank.  So, instead of contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra hard earned income to your banks and mortgage companies, you can start to capitalize on the 8th wonder of the world, COMPOUND INTEREST and use the RULE of 72, to start doubling your money and creating real wealth.  Get on the right side of COMPOUND INTEREST!  It’s your money and you deserve to get rich with it.  Believe me, your bank, credit card and mortgage companies do not want you to know this stuff.
  • Why every tax payer should be self employed, so they can spend more of their own money, save more of their own money, invest more of their own money and pay much much less of their own money in taxes.  Paying taxes is a good thing.  Paying too much in taxes is a bad thing.  Being self employed gives you so much more flexibility, regarding what you can and can’t write off as expenses.  Equally as powerful, is the fact that self employed people are able to invest so much more of their money each year, before they pay their taxes.  This once again, gives self employed people a better opportunity to employ the power of COMPOUND INTEREST as a part of their wealth creation plan.  Last year, if you were self employed, you could have invested as much as $50,000 towards your retirement before taxes, by setting up a Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) for your business.  Regular employees, can not accomplish this.  It is kind of not fair, really.  But, this is how the IRS structures things.  So, know the rules of the game and play it correctly.  It can make a HUGE difference in how much wealth you create over your financial lifetime.
  • The many benefits of being self-employed and how to take advantage of them to build wealth and why if you are not already self-employed, you need to be.  I don’t care what business you are in.  The important thing for this secret, is that you pay taxes as a business entity.  You don’t even have to make a ton of money, either.  You will be so surprised to see how much richer you can retire, if you just make an extra $10,000 per year that you can invest towards building your nest egg.  That type of part-time income can be a piece of cake, using some of the cutting edge marketing tips we will share in this secret to help you make money in your business.  This is our area of expertise and we have made millions of dollars over the years, being self employed marketers.  We can show you a whole bunch of cool marketing strategies.  Again, the most important thing is to be self-employed and making at least an extra $10,000 per year.   There are hundreds of different money making methods you can plug into to create this extra income, which you will use to get on the right side of COMPOUND INTEREST and start building your multi-million dollar nest egg.  We will show you how to do it right and copy the successful self employed people and their systems for success.
  • How to plug into COMPOUND INTEREST on STEROIDS and really get your money doubling more often.  Secret 3 is the best part.  Here, you will learn how to create a fortune, by being able to invest more money (with the blessing and approval of the IRS), tax free, each and every year and utilize COMPOUND INTEREST.  One of the methods I will share is a stock option investment strategy that can help you to diversify your retirement investing and grow a portion of it @ the speed of 36%.  This secret is going to absolutely blow your socks off.  Remember I said above, that a self employed person could invest up to $50,000 per year tax free?  Imagine if you got crazy and built a high paying business that allowed you to contribute the annual maximum to your SEP plan of $50,000.  And what if some of that money you invested every year COMPOUNDED at 36% (or even less than 36%) each year.  Did you know that if you invested $10,000 every year for 20 years and the interest COMPOUNDED @ the speed of 36%, that account in year 20 would be worth $12,988,166.08?  This secret will pull the whole 3 Secrets of Millionaire Strategy together for you.

You will get a simple, step-by-step plan you can follow, that combines the power of making a little more, saving a little more, avoiding being on the wrong side of compound interest a little more and earning a better return so your money doubles faster.  When you see how fast real wealth can be created by focusing on these little changes, you won’t even be able to sleep at night.

By the way, we will also build this site out more, by creating 3 categories to dive deeper into discussions on methods to 1) become debt free faster, 2) structure your business so that you pay taxes as a business and expand that business and make more money by effectively promoting and marketing it and getting paid for  building a killer marketing toolbox and 3) building a killer retirement nest egg, by being able to invest more money tax free and earning higher returns on those investments to capitalize on COMPOUND INTEREST and the Rule of 72.

Grab your copy of: ‘3 Secrets of Millionaires’ SMALL BUSINESS HANDBOOK – How To Structure Your Business to Pay Less Taxes, Keep More Income and Earn Higher Investment Returns. I’ve uploaded it to this site for immediate download.

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Thanks for your time.  Just make sure you are sitting down!  We can do this and we will do it together!

Mike Koller

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